Creating Space in Your Kitchen


Oftentimes, we fail to take full advantage of the space in our kitchen area. Especially in the corner and under the sink, we don’t utilize that area as best as we could.

Those corner cabinets make storing things very difficult in a hard to reach spot. However, we have a solution that makes your life easier! The turntable can store pots, pans and medium sized kitchen appliances in an easy and aesthetically pleasing way.

Under the sink, there’s also plenty we can do to conserve space. Hiding the garbage can and putting garbage organizer to separate recycling from regular waste is an awesome way to hide the scent and appearance of your trash. The piece also contains extra space for storing garbage bags or cleaning items you may want to keep handy.

Kitchen drawers tend to be an issue when they get too cluttered. If you’re dealing with excessive clutter, you may need to add an extra compartment into your drawers. You can easily insert an inner drawer so that you only have to open one drawer and have everything handy. Those smaller drawers are useful for cutlery and cooking utensils as well as small items like ziplock bags or towels. To close the drawer, simply push and it will close automatically and silently. They have a lifetime of 10000 cycles guaranteed.

A good cupboard is also a must in a kitchen--especially for storing boxed foods. You can space the cupboards drawers depending on what we want to store in them so that space is utilized to its fullest potential

While storage solutions are super important, lighting can completely change the look of a kitchen. We recommend using lighting to illuminate and raise your furniture. Illuminating LED lighting from below gives your kitchen a warm and inviting feeling and creates more space. Also using LED lighting on the base of upper storage is a great way to create a warm, spacious kitchen.

A spacious kitchen is a happy kitchen--be sure to follow these tips to create more space for family and friends in your kitchen!

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