How to Use Lighting in Interior Design


While designing the layout of a room, most people don’t think to take advantage of natural and artificial lighting. It can be a daunting task to choose lighting options, but the right addition can completely transform a room. The most important thing to consider is that there are no set rules. Using lighting to your advantage can take your room to a whole new level--let’s check out some things to consider before choosing the perfect lighting for your room.


What are you planning to use the room for? If it’s a casual sitting space, subtle lighting would be ideal. On the other hand, areas that you’ll be more active, like a kitchen, would require more lighting. A nice kitchen always includes task lights to illuminate the area you’re working in. If you have multiple areas of your home that are in the same large space, the best way to separate them is by using different lighting schemes. For example, you can add depth to an open floor plan with a kitchen, living room, and dining room by using different light treatments.

One space where appropriate lighting is essential is in your home office. Similarly to your kitchen, the home office is a high activity space where you need bright lights to illuminate your work space. The (insert desk light product) is perfect for that!


While function is important, the mood you’d like to create in the room is also something to consider. Think of the room as having an identity of its own and what lighting that would consist of. Do you want a room with a cozy and calming vibe or would you prefer a bright and lively area? Whatever mood you’re going for can be enhanced with the right lighting.

Available Space

In many cases, lighting helps create visual space in a room. You can make a small space feel bigger by using different lighting schemes all over the room. Small lights throughout the room will give the allusion of more depth rather than one large light to illuminate the entire space. For a home office, we suggest using softer lighting throughout the area and then brighter lights illuminating the desk space. Mirrors are also an awesome way to create the illusion of more space because the light will reflect off of them and make the room even brighter.

Whether you want to create space, add depth, or just simply decorate a room, using lights is an easy and effective way to transform any room into your dream space.



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