Interview with Toro Your Project Founder Nicole Lukac

Who are you?

My name is Nicole. I was born in Lima, Peru and have lived in between Lima and Florida. I studied Law at university, but it was something that I was never really passionate about. After graduating, I worked at law firms and ran a couple of businesses. In 2009, I took a sabbatical year to go to Duke University and study arts & art history and fell in love with it. I have always been drawn to beauty

My husband's family owns a company which specializes in building supplies like doors, hardware, and floors. We’ve combined our expertise to create Toro Your Projects.

What inspired you to launch Toro Your Projects?

I recently identified several topics that my husband’s company wasn’t utilizing, like advertising the functionality of the products--and in certain product lines, even offering the complete solutions to the end customer.

Moreover, we’ve moved three times in the last ten years. Every apartment we bought had been renovated and I was able to identify and know more about how to turn a simple space into something really special with amazing storage solutions.

Like in my case, most people do not realize how to accomplish the end result. I remember seeing a beautiful kitchen in a magazine or at a design show and thinking that it’s out of my reach--but it’s not! I want people to have those amazing solutions easily and without hassle.

What drives you?

My family, my son, new projects, and overcoming problems all drive me to do better. Finding creative solutions to difficult problems is something I’m passionate about.

Who is Toro Your Projects?

Toro Your Projects is the tool to take control of your projects easily. You don't have to be scared of conquering your dream kitchen, closet, or home. It empowers you and lets you pick and optimize all living spaces. The two main targets are functionality and security.

How are you unique from competitors?

First, we have a broad range of products and solutions. We have a lot of competitors in the industry, but we offer a broader range of products and cover the most relevant spaces in your project that others don’t.

Also, we have a great online tool called the Design Center that lets customers see what their final design will look like before even purchasing the products. This helps clients find optimization solutions for their spaces without hassle. We’re a hybrid between a design solution service and an online hardware & accessories store. We’re happy to help you see the big picture of your project and how to use our solutions for your space.

How are you making your customer’s life easier?

We don't want our customers to have to stress out and think about contracting someone for the design and solutions. Because of the current pandemic, we also want to reduce the exposure of people going to a physical place to see our solutions applied. That’s why the online visual tool is perfect for hassle-free and contact-free design.

What’s your favorite design?

It depends on the city and the architecture of the building. I would say my home is classic. Our apartment has a very european architecture but we’ve renovated the interior with a mix of modern furniture, for example.

For me, comfort and simplicity are the most important aspects of a design. That’s why I use a charging port to keep my living space uncluttered (link charging port).

What are your goals for your brand?

We’re really excited to make relationships with new customers and help them find solutions for their home (especially now that we’re all spending more time in our living spaces). We want to make people aware of details they didn’t realize were important so that they can have the home of their dreams.

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