Nicole’s Tips for Your Home Bar


While we’re all cooped up in our homes this summer, there’s no better time to make home improvements! Nicole has recently been making changes to add elegance and comfort to her living space. One project she has recently completed is her home bar.

A home bar done correctly adds an extra level of comfort and complexity to your living area. Check out some features that Nicole suggests to make the most of your bar area.

Cabinets with hiding doors

A hidden bar is the perfect option for a more cluttered home. Keeping your bar doors closed will keep the room looking spacious and clean. Plus, you can open the cabinet doors whenever you want to treat your guests to some drinks!

Elegant details

Unique details will add a bit of elegance to any bland living area. In Nicole’s bar, she opted for silver door knobs and handles.

Glass holders

Glass holders are a unique way to conserve space in a small bar area. Not to mention, they make your kitchenware look nice and organized while leaving you plenty of counter space to mix drinks!

Drawers with smooth hinges

Nothing is worse than a drawer that doesn’t open and close smoothly--especially when it holds fragile bottles and glasses! Make sure to install smooth hinges so that your glassware stays intact.

Multifunctional Cabinet doors

Cabinet doors can be used for more than just to conceal glasses. Installing a horizontal cabinet door that pulls down into a shelf makes for a great mixing area if you don’t already have table space in your bar.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great way to give life to any dark corners. For Nicole’s bar, she decided to put the lights below the shelves to highlight the glassware. It’s up to you where to place the LEDs, but it’s an awesome way to highlight the beautiful bar you’ve created!

Follow these tips and you should have a fun and fancy home bar in no time!

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